Organika Pure Beauty Enhanced Collagen, 200g


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  • 9.6 g of Hydrolyzed Collagen per serving enhances hair, skin and nail health
  • 120mg of Hyaluronic Acid acts as an internal moisturizer for skin tissues
  • 60mg of Vitamin C promotes further collagen formation and in protecting the skin from UV and free radical damage
  • 46mg of Zinc plays a role in collagen production, the inflammatory response, and wound healing
  • 20mg of Silica strengthens hair, prevents hair loss, and supports health of skin and nails
  • Just add to water or favourite beverage

Our new Enhanced Collagen™ Pure Beauty combines collagen with skin loving ingredients to help maximize the beauty benefits of collagen.

Grass-fed hydrolyzed bovine collagen: Enhance the health of hair, skin, and nails with Canada's #1 Collagen Powder*. Sourced solely from pasture raised, antibiotic and hormone free cattle, our Enhanced Collagen Pure Beauty, is made with the same 100% pure hydrolyzed collagen as our Enhanced Collagen - Canada's #1 choice! It not only enhances the health of hair, skin and nails, but also provides gut support - a major influencer of skin health. 

Hyaluronic Acid: Studies have shown that Hylauronic Acid can increase the skin's moisture content due to it's ability to retain water molecules, resulting in a dramatic improvement in the skin’s appearance, especially among those with dry and rough skin. Hylauronic Acid is also heavily involved in promoting skin collagen structure. The Hylauronic Acid used in Enhanced Collagen Pure Beauty has a low molecular weight allowing for a higher absorption rate meaning more moisture for your skin tissues!

Vitamin C: We know Vitamin C is vital for immunity support. But it doesn't only combat colds and flus; it also plays a role in our skin health and in collagen production. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, protecting the skin from UV and free radical damage, both factors in premature aging and skin conditions. 

Zinc: Zinc is needed for building keratin and for the formation of collagen. Collagen in the skin is produced by zinc-dependent enzymes called collagenases. Zinc is essential not only for the enzymes producing type 1 and type 3 dermal collagen but also for the cross-linking that gives collagen its durability and stability.  It also has anti-inflammatory properties and is useful for inflammatory skin issues such as acne, rosacea, and eczema. 

Silicon: Silicon, also known as silica, is important for the optimal synthesis of collagen and strengthens hair, prevents hair loss, and supports the health of skin and nails. Incorporating a silicon supplement can be especially helpful as this nutrient is not easily absorbed when taken through dietary sources.

INGREDIENTS: Each serving (10 g / approx. 4 teaspoons) contains:

Hydrolyzed collagen (bovine skin/hide) 9.6 g
Hyaluronic Acid 120 mg
Vitamin C 60 mg
Zinc 46 mg
Silicon 20 mg

Recommended Dose – (Oral) Adults only:

Take 1 serving (10g or approx. 4 tsp.) per day. Mix in half a cup or more of room temperature water or beverage of choice.

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