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Collagen is all the rage with those seeking for natural ways to enhance their appearance. However, did you know that certain ingredients can help maximize the beauty benefits of collagen? With this in mind, Organika® created Pure Beauty Enhanced Collagen™, a formula intended to help you achieve your best natural glow!
Combining collagen with skin-loving ingredients is the key to Pure Beauty Enhanced Collagen's™ beauty benefits. Let’s take a closer look at each of the ingredients in the formula.

Pure Beauty begins with a solid foundation: Canada’s #1 collagen powder, sourced exclusively from grass-fed cattle. It not only enhances the health of hair, skin, and nails, but also provides joint health support so you can maintain an active lifestyle!

Well-known as a topical skincare ingredient, hyaluronic acid has incredible benefits to the entire body when taken orally. Thanks to its ability to retain water molecules, HA acts as an internal lubricant for the joints and moisturizer for skin tissues. It is a great addition to your skin health and beauty routine.

One of collagen’s best allies, vitamin C plays a vital role in your natural ability to form collagen. Although often associated with immunity, vitamin C is in fact a powerful antioxidant, aiding in protecting the skin from UV and free radical damage, which are key factors in premature aging.

An essential micronutrient required for several processes in the body, zinc is a skin health superstar: it plays an important role in collagen production, the inflammatory response, and wound healing. Due to its anti-inflammatory action, zinc is also being studied for its potential in treating acne, as a support to targeted forms of treatment.

Silicon, also known as silica, is a trace mineral usually found in food sources like leafy greens and whole grains. It is commonly used to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss, and can also support the health of your skin and nails. Incorporating a silicon supplement can be especially helpful as this nutrient is not easily absorbed when taken through dietary sources.
Add it to juice, kombucha, or your favourite cold beverage for a nutritious refreshment.


MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS: Each serving (10 g / approx. 4 teaspoons) contains:

Hydrolyzed collagen (bovine skin/hide) 9.6 g
Hyaluronic Acid 120 mg
Vitamin C 60 mg
Zinc 46 mg
Silicon 20 mg

How to Use

Recommended Dose – (Oral) Adults only: Take 1 serving (10g or approx. 4 tsp.) per day. Mix in half a cup or more of water or beverage of choice.

Blend with your favourite fruits, veggies, and plant-based milk for a beauty-boosting smoothie. Bonus points if you include plenty of antioxidant-rich ingredients, like berries!

Stay cool with collagen-enhanced popsicles: mix it with coconut water and your favourite fruits, pour into popsicle molds, freeze and enjoy!

The Ultimate Beauty Blend! Enhance your beauty regimen with Pure Beauty Enhanced Collagen™— the ultimate beauty blend created with Canada’s #1 Collagen Powder, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Silica and Zinc.

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