Back To School Ready

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Back To School Ready!

September is approaching, and you know what that means… Back to School Season! It’s always great to have a fresh start for a brand new school year; however, school season can also bring some anxiety, stress etc. This can be mainly caused by the overwhelming amounts of homework being given, or those high pressure tests involving loads of studying. The most important thing is to stay healthy and happy. There are many tips to help you manage to be successful.

1.Getting Enough Sleep: Pulling all nighters or late night studying can be very harmful habits. It can be hard to find enough time during the day, so you may find yourself resorting to night. Not receiving enough sleep can cause losing focus, less productivity and so on, so aim to receive at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

  1. Listen to Music: There have been scientific studies about music being a great way to relieve stress, calm yourself down and stimulate your mind. Music is beneficial while studying or trying to fall asleep, luring you away from your worries. 

  1. Taking Breaks: Giving yourself some time away from your work can definitely help in reducing anxiety and stress levels. Whether it be a fifteen minute phone break or going out with friends, we need those relaxing times. 

4.Exercise Frequently: Exercising can release tension in your muscles and even for your brain. Whether it be a quick workout, walk or a jog any form of exercise is good for you and can help ease tensions before you go write a test or study a lot.

At Natural Vitamin Direct, we want to make your school year more relaxing rather than stressful. We have many products that can help relieve and support your stress levels. 

  • One product we carry is the Natural Factors Sleep-Relax capsules. These capsules help calm nervousness, support mental focus and clarity, support restful sleep and minimizes the negative effects of stress.
  • Another Product is the Natural Factors Rhodiola Extract caps. This product is made very safe of effective herbs that can help you adapt to the stress you are facing. It also increases your energy, mental clarity, focus and performance. Learn more about the Rhodiola rosea (root). 
  • Fish oil in general has many benefits for your health but way more. Fish oil can help with brain memory and learning support. This could be a good product to try and we offer it with many different brands, such as Jamieson, Natural Factors, Kirkland, and Webber Naturals. 

Most importantly, find out what you need and feel free to try the products we have to offer to see what is best for you. We hope you have an amazing back to school transition and year!

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