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Bee Products

Along with honey, bees also provide us with products such as Royal Jelly, Propolis and Bee Pollen

Royal Jelly is a natural substance from the bee hive that has been used by people throughout the world for energy, stamina, and vitality. Royal Jelly is composed of trace amounts of many wonderful nutrients and nutritious, biologically active, compounds.

Propolis is a unique substance created by bees from tree sap. Bees use propolis to sterilize their hives and seal it against invading microbes and bacteria. Propolis is a source of antioxidants and has been used for thousands of years, dating back to the Ancient Greeks and Assyrians, who used it on abscesses and wounds to help fight infection.

Pollen Plus Energy provides the best of the bee in a combination formula of bee pollen plus standardized extracts of Siberian ginseng, bee propolis, and green tea. Each active ingredient is highly regarded, but the synergistic effect of these classic nutrients and herbs provides valuable nutritional insurance for coping with the demands and stress of daily life.