Webber Naturals Vitamin B-12 Methylcobalamin, 500mcg, Natural Cherry Flavour, 120 sublingual tablets

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Feature Summary

Methylcobalamin is the coenzyme form of vitamin B12 which supports the healthy structure and function of the nerves and brain. Vitamin B12 is best known for helping the body produce red blood cells, but it is also essential for energy production, DNA, healthy nerves, memory, and overall brain health. As a partner with folic acid and B6, vitamin B12 supports heart health, lowering heart disease risk (lowers homocysteine).

Reports suggest that vitamin B12 deficiency is widespread, not only among older people, but also in those between 25 and 50 years of age. B12 is found primarily in foods of animal origin, so strict vegetarians and vegans risk B12 deficiencies. Sublingual methylcobalamin is the active form of B12 in this 500 mcg dose per tablet, is a convenient alternative to B12 injections and is suitable for vegetarians.
Fatigue, diarrhea, pale skin, lack of appetite, hearing difficulties, memory loss, and other impaired mental function may indicate a B12 deficiency. B12 levels can be effectively increased by taking webber naturals methylcobalamin, a highly bioavailable form of B12 with a natural smooth cherry flavour!

Research in Brief

Vitamin B12 deficiency in the average person is often due to poor absorption. (McCully, 1999). Prolonged deficiency of B12 can lead to pernicious or megaloblastic anemia, and hyperhomocysteinemia [Mahajan, et al., 2010; Mohammadi, et al., 2009]. Impaired neurological function in the elder population due to vitamin B12 depletion is an important consideration when there is no evidence of anemia.

Commonly prescribed drugs can deplete vitamin B12 status such as metformin and proton pump inhibitors.

Homocysteine accumulation in the blood poses an increase the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis. It also may be a factor in Alzheimer’s disease. In a Finnish study on elderly people, researchers found that for each micromolar increase in concentration of homocysteine, the risk of Alzheimer's disease increased by 16 percent, whereas each picomolar increase in concentration of the active form of vitamin B12 reduced risk by two percent (Hooshmand, et al, 2010).

NOTE: A balance of the B vitamins is recommended, through supplementation with a good B Complex

Research in Brief References

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Each tablet contains:
Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin)............500 mcg


2 tablet daily or as directed by a health care practitioner. Dissolve under the tongue for maximum benefit. Keep out of the reach of children.

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