Webber Naturals Melatonin Easy Dissolve, 5 mg, 144 sublingual tablets

Webber Naturals Melatonin Easy Dissolve, 5 mg, 144 sublingual tablets

Webber Naturals

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Melatonin naturally regulates a person’s sleep-wake cycle. When sleep patterns are disturbed by traveling or other circumstances, falling and staying asleep can be difficult. Melatonin, Extra Strength, Easy Dissolve 5 mg from Webber naturals® helps reset circadian rhythms and improve sleep quality, especially related to aging, sleep disorders and jet lag.

Extra Strength Melatonin is a body hormone that Assists Natural Sleep!

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain. It helps regulate other hormones and maintains the body's circadian rhythm, an internal 24-hour time-keeping system that affects how and when we fall asleep and wake up. Levels of melatonin are low during the day and rise during the normal sleeping period at night. The amount of melatonin released at night varies among individuals and appears to diminish with age.

When your sleep patterns are disturbed, by travel or shift work for example, supplemental melatonin can help reset your body’s ‘clock’ and improve length of sleep and sleep quality. Melatonin, Extra Strength,Easy Dissolve 5 mg from Webber naturals® is a 5 mg easy dissolve, sublingual tablet that it is absorbed under the tongue to enter the bloodstream quickly. It is all-natural, non addictive and very safe. Seniors, shift workers and those who travel to other time zones, are likely to benefit from supplemental use of melatonin.

Melatonin facilitates sleep by acting as a natural sedative.

Melatonin facilitates sleep by acting as a natural sedative. It ‘turns down’ the brain’s activating system that controls wakefulness. Insomnia is a condition in which wakefulness overrides the brain’s effort to cause sleepiness. Normally, melatonin levels rise in the bloodstream as light diminishes progressively to full darkness, but changes in sleep patterns, and aging, can affect levels of melatonin and its effectiveness. Supplementation may be required. Frequent insomnia can cause problems during the day, such as sleepiness, fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, and irritability, as well as other subtle health problems.

Those likely to benefit most from use of sublingual melatonin are older people who appear to have an age-related decline in adequate melatonin secretion, as evidenced by frequent or chronic insomnia. Shift workers also find melatonin helpful when they are required to adjust to new sleep patterns due to changing shifts. For jet-lag, taking melatonin can help travelers reset their sleep pattern more quickly in anew time zone.


Medicinal: Melatonin (5 mg).

Non-medicinal:Croscarmellose sodium, lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, peppermint flavour, vegetable grade
magnesium stearate (lubricant).


For adults only. At bedtime only, allow to dissolve under the tongue, 1-2 tablets once daily or as directed by a physician. For
continued use beyond a 4 week period, consult your physician.


  • Melatonin may enhance the anti-cancer effects of certain chemotherapy agents.
  • Melatonin has been used to be helpful in treating withdrawal reactions from people addicted to benzodiazepine drugs (i.e., tranquilizers like Valium® and Halcyon®).
  • Melatonin levels are typically lowered by beta-blocker drugs like Inderal® and Atenolol® as well as by other drugs used in treating high blood pressure or angina (e.g., verapamil, aspirin, and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).
  • Melatonin levels may be increased by fluoxetine (Prozac).

Additional Information

Children: Not suitable for use in children unless specifically recommended and monitored by a health care practitioner.

Pregnancy and Nursing: As the effects of melatonin during pregnancy and lactation have not been sufficiently evaluated, it should not be used during these times.

Seniors: No special precautions are known.
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