Organika Organic Reishi Mushroom Powder-Balance, 100g


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Tried and tested by centuries of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reishi is known as a potent stress reducer and for its immunity-supporting properties. Call on the king of mushrooms to heighten your coffee, smoothies, and soups, and feel grounded anew.

The reishi mushroom, or Ganoderma lucidum, helps to balance many body systems. It’s been used for at least four thousand years in many Asian countries for its medicinal properties, which have been backed by countless modern scientific studies. Reishi can:

  • Calm the body and mind: By improving the health of adrenal glands, where cortisol and other stress hormones are produced, it helps to reduce symptoms associated with stress, nervousness, and muscle tension.
  • Improve sleep: By regulating stress hormones and relaxing the body, insomnia can be decreased.
  • Modulate the immune system: Reishi improves immune function to more optimally protect the body from viruses, bacteria. It is also shown to
  • be beneficial to an overactive immune system, with autoimmune challenges, allergies and sensitivities.
  • Decrease signs of aging: As an excellent source of antioxidants,reishi combats damaging free radicals.
  • Ingredients

    • Reishi mushroom mycelium and fruiting body. Cultured on organic brown rice. 100% Organic. Grown in the USA.
    • How to Use

      Make Balance a part of your daily mindful rituals. Breathe, ground yourself and mix 1 levelled teaspoon into herbal teas or healing elixirs.


      Do not use before surgery. Women with heavy menstruation to use with caution during their period. Check with your doctor if taking ACE inhibitors. Stop use if hypersensitivity/ allergy occurs.

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