Natural Factors Siberian Ginseng Extract 250 mg, 90 v-caps

Natural Factors Siberian Ginseng Extract 250 mg, 90 v-caps

Natural Factors

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Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) root is classified as an adaptogen, able to help the body adapt to stress and restore balance. It is helpful for fatigue, especially mental fatigue. Siberian ginseng supports and enhances adrenal function and strengthens the immune system.
Well-known naturopathic physician, and author, Donald Brown, shows how Siberian ginseng helps to adapt to stress. While stress can eventually wreak havoc on a number of body systems, its initial target is the adrenal glands. Chronic stress can overwhelm the adrenals and lead to chronic fatigue, poor immune function, and improper blood sugar metabolism. As an adaptogen, eleuthero helps us adapt to stress. It does this by providing fuel to the adrenal glands, allowing them to function optimally when challenged by stress. This means eleuthero should be considered as a daily supplement for anyone experiencing stress on a regular basis.

As an immune enhancer, Siberian ginseng may prevent colds and flu. Russian studies support this claim. It is a beneficial herb that helps the body during physical exercise and exertion and is often used by athletes to enhance their training.

In addition to its confirmed adaptogenic activity, Siberian ginseng also demonstrates a protective and medicinal action in animals exposed to both single and prolonged X-ray radiation. Siberian ginseng may protect against harmful radiation and act as an aid in the radiation therapy of patients.

Siberian ginseng is not the same genus as Panax ginseng, but has properties similar to that of Panax ginseng, and is often used for the same reasons. The active ingredients are called eleutherosides, which differ from Panax ginseng ginsenosides. Siberian ginseng may be helpful for chronic hepatitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and lupus.


  • Helps the body cope with long-term stress
  • Enhances immune function
  • Supports the adrenal gland
  • Effective treatment for colds and flu


Each capsule contains:
Siberian ginseng root extract (0.8% eleutherosides)
(Eleutherococcus senticosus)........................ 250 mg


1-3 capsules daily or as directed by a health care practitioner. Keep out of the reach of children.


  • Siberian ginseng has been shown to increase the blood levels the drug digoxin (Lanoxin®).
  • Do not use Siberian ginseng if you are taking digoxin without consulting a health care practitioner first.

Additional Information

Children: Suitable for use in children at one-half the adult dosage.

Pregnancy and Nursing: As the effects of Siberian ginseng during pregnancy and lactation have not been sufficiently evaluated, it should not be used during these times.

Seniors: No special precautions are known.

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