SlimStyles is a program and a family of products from Natural Factors that is based upon breakthroughs in the understanding of human appetite regulation and methods to improve sensitivity to the hormone insulin. SlimStyles works because it is based upon achieving five key goals: Effectively decreasing appetite leading to a reduction of calories consumed. Improvement in the sensitivity of body cells to the hormone insulin. Increasing metabolism and the burning of fat without the use of harsh stimulants. Resetting the mechanisms that control fat cell size and body weight. The secret to the success of the SlimStyles Slim for Life Program is a revolutionary new fiber supplement known as PGX (PolyGlycopleX) - a unique blend of selected, highly viscous soluble fibers that act synergistically to develop a higher level of viscosity and expansion with water than with the same quantity of any other fiber alone. Taking PGX with or before each meal every day in conjunction with healthy eating habits and moderate exercise leads to effective and permanent weight loss