(Twin Pack) Good Shepherd Can-Addase 500g [Dogs Only]

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Good Shepherd

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Product Summary

Can-Addase is a unique nutritional digestive aid specifically formulated to supplement and assist the normal enzyme action in the digestive tract of dogs. Can-Addase contains a carefully selected and scientifically prepared range of digestive enzymes to offset problems caused by digestive stress in dogs. Supplemented with a properly balanced diet, Can-Addase will help your dog reach and maintain optimum condition and peak performance.


Can-Addase contains protease, lipase and amylase enzymes which aid in the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates respectively. In addition to these enzymes, Can-Addase also contains a uniquely formulated quality of pure lactobacilli that are bacteria naturally found in the intestine and that play an important role in nutrition by maintaining the intestinal degree of acidity.


  • Aids in digestion of food components
  • Contains is a unique nutritional digestive aid
  • Supplements a properly balanced diet
  • Easy to administer - simply put over their food

Recommended Dose

Body Weight (kg) Body Weight (lbs) Dosage (g) Dosage (tsp)
Up to 5 kg up to 12 lbs 1.25 g ½ tsp 
5 to 10 kg 12 to 22 lbs 2.50 g 1 tsp 
10 to 15 kg 22 to 35 lbs 3.75 g 1 ½ tsp 
15 to 20 kg 35 to 45 lbs 5 g 2 tsp 
Over 20 kg Over 45 lbs ½ tsp per kg or 12 lbs 
For dogs suffering stress, weight loss or poor appetite, increase these amounts by 50%. In all cases of poor condition, your veterinary should be consulted.


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