(Twin Pack) Good Shepherd Can-Addase 500g [Dogs Only]

(Twin Pack) Good Shepherd Can-Addase 500g [Dogs Only]

Good Shepherd

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  • Aids in digestion of food components
  • Contains is a unique nutritional digestive aid
  • Supplements a properly balanced diet
  • Easy to administer - simply put over their food

Product Summary

Can-Addase is a unique nutritional digestive aid specifically formulated to supplement and assist the normal enzyme action in the digestive tract of dogs. Can-Addase contains a carefully selected and scientifically prepared range of digestive enzymes to offset problems caused by digestive stress in dogs. Supplemented with a properly balanced diet, Can-Addase will help your dog reach and maintain optimum condition and peak performance.


Can-Addase contains protease, lipase and amylase enzymes which aid in the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates respectively. In addition to these enzymes, Can-Addase also contains a uniquely formulated quality of pure lactobacilli that are bacteria naturally found in the intestine and that play an important role in nutrition by maintaining the intestinal degree of acidity.

    Recommended Dose

    Body Weight (kg) Body Weight (lbs) Dosage (g) Dosage (tsp)
    Up to 5 kg up to 12 lbs 1.25 g ½ tsp 
    5 to 10 kg 12 to 22 lbs 2.50 g 1 tsp 
    10 to 15 kg 22 to 35 lbs 3.75 g 1 ½ tsp 
    15 to 20 kg 35 to 45 lbs 5 g 2 tsp 
    Over 20 kg Over 45 lbs ½ tsp per kg or 12 lbs 
    For dogs suffering stress, weight loss or poor appetite, increase these amounts by 50%. In all cases of poor condition, your veterinary should be consulted.


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