Natural Factors Green Coffee Bean, 400mg, 60 vegetarian capsules

Natural Factors Green Coffee Bean, 400mg, 60 vegetarian capsules

Natural Factors

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Obesity is a growing problem throughout the world, and being overweight is associated with serious diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

A supplement isolated from green coffee beans is showing great promise in helping people lose weight, regulate blood sugar, and reduce blood pressure. Coffee beans contain a wide range of active compounds that can affect our health. One of these constituents, chlorogenic acid, has been shown to improve glucose metabolism, inhibit the accumulation of fat, and decrease the absorption of glucose in the intestines. Roasting coffee beans destroys most of the chlorogenic acid, so drinking a cup of coffee will not yield these benefits. Only raw green coffee beans contain a significant amount of this health-promoting compound.

Clinical studies indicate that green coffee bean extract can promote weight loss, as well as reduce blood pressure in people with hypertension. Scientifically proven Svetol® Green Coffee Bean Extract is made from pure, raw, unroasted green coffee beans rich in chlorogenic acids and polyphenols. It contains less than 2 % caffeine, making it a stimulant-free weight management supplement that is best used with a program of reduced dietary calories and increased physical activity.


  • Assists with healthy weight management
  • Acts as a fat burner and helps prevent fat accumulation
  • Improves glucose metabolism
  • Helps reduce blood pressure
  • Contains less than 2 % caffeine


Each Capsule Contains: 

Svetol® Green Coffee Bean Extract..............................400 mg 
   (Coffea canephora) (seed) (standardized to 45–50% 
   total chlorogenic acid, 50–55% polyphenols, 
   10–15% 5-caffeoylquinic acid)


1  capsule daily, 30 minutes before a meal with a glass of water, or as directed by a health practitioner.

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