Lakota Extra Strength Topical Pain Reliever, 150ml

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Tough on pain! The Lakota Extra Strength is powerful medicine. With an extra potent dose of proprietary capsaicin extract this formula takes pain relief to the maximum. Rub it in and feel soothing relief for hours. Use sparingly- Extra Strength is a powerful topical pain reliever!


To get the best results from Lakota Topical Pain Relievers:
Apply Lakota Topicals 3 to 4 times daily directly to the sore area. Apply enough gel to cover the area completely. Gently rub the gel in until absorbed. Apply daily for at least 5 days for maximum effectiveness. Prolonged use of Lakota Topical Pain Relievers will provide more effective pain relief.
On superficial areas like hands, knees, ankles, etc. results will be felt almost instantly, usually within 15 minutes. For deeper tissues such as shoulder or hip pain, continuous use over a period of 2 to 5 days is needed before pain relief is achieved.
After application, wash hands immediately with soap and water. If applied to arthritic hands to relieve pain, wait ten minutes before washing. 


Soft Touch™ Applicator

LaKOTA's ongoing committment to providing Arthritis sufferers with effective easy to use products has provided a break through in topical application. LaKOTA's patented Soft-Touch™ applicator is made of soft foam allowing the pain relieving gel to be massaged gently into swollen and tender joints. Please click the image to the right to see a larger close-up view of the Soft Touch™ Applicator. The picture will load in a new window - simply close it to return here.


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