【clearance】Good Shepherd Veterol-X 1 Litre [Pets Only] EXP:2024/07

【clearance】Good Shepherd Veterol-X 1 Litre [Pets Only] EXP:2024/07

Good Shepherd

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  • Contains a balance formula of essential fatty acids
  • Helps with a dull coat and flaky skin
  • Eliminates irritable scratching & shedding of the coat
  • Easy to administer - simply put over their food

Product Summary

Containing a balanced formula of essential fatty acids, Veterol X is a pet dietary supplement for the skin and coat. Deficiencies of these essential fatty acids can cause a dull coat, flaky skin resulting in irritable scratching and shedding of the coat. Providing more than just softness to the touch, your pets’ coats are meant to warm and protect your companion. With Veterol X, the protection works from the inside out which also provides benefits from the outside in for your pet.


Each 250mL contains: Linoleic acid 75g, Linolenic acid 12.5g, Oleic acid 16.5g, Phosphatidyl choline 25g, Phosphatidyl inositol 25g, Daton 24 15g, Vitamin E 50IU.

    Recommended Dose

    Adult Dog: 1 teaspoonful for each 20 lbs. (9 kg) of body weight. 
    Puppies: ½ teaspoon for each 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) of body weight. 

    Cats: ¼ teaspoon for each 3 lbs. (1/4 kg) of body weight. May be mixed with feed or fed direct. 

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