【clearance】CulturedCare Oral Probiotic Gum BLIS-K12, Organic Raspberry-Pomegranate EXP:2023/03

【clearance】CulturedCare Oral Probiotic Gum BLIS-K12, Organic Raspberry-Pomegranate EXP:2023/03


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New & Improved soft-chew format! Easier to chew with longer-lasting flavour! Soft-chew tablets are speckled in appearance.


Did you know that your mouth is home to billions of bacteria? Some of these bacteria are friendly, protective probiotic bacteria that act as your first line of defense against the unfriendly bacteria and viruses that enter through your mouth and nose. Chewing just one piece of CulturedCare Probiotic Gum with BLIS K12 daily will populate your mouth with these infection-fighting probiotics and help protect your throat, mouth, nose and ears.
CulturedCare Probiotic Gum with BLIS K12 is the only chewing gum dosage form of a patented oral probiotic strain – Streptococcus salivarius K12. BLIS is an abbreviation for Bacteriocin-Like Inhibitory Substance. BLIS is the naturally occurring component of certain strains of micro-organisms (probiotics) which control undesirable and disease-causing bacteria and promote oral health. BLIS K12 is the special BLIS probiotic strain derived from Streptococcus salivarius.
BLIS K12 “colonizes” and lives in the mouth and throat. It stimulates the throat’s natural immune defense system and protects the mouth, ears, nose and throat against infection.  BLIS K12 specifically controls infection by Streptococcus pyogenes, pathogenic bacteria that cause strep throat which can lead to rheumatic fever and scarlet fever. BLIS K12 also protects against otitis media (earache), halitosis (bad breath), sore throats, thrush and oral candida yeast infection.


  • Oral Probiotic Bacteria
    The mouth is home to billions of bacteria – both good and bad. BLIS K12 is good oral probiotic bacteria that protects against infections where they most often enter the body – through the oral cavity (mouth).
  • Immune Booster
    Contains a therapeutic dose of BLIS K12, oral probiotic bacteria shown to act as an immune system booster.
  • Good for ear, nose and throat health
    CulturedCare Probiotic Gum with BLIS K12 promotes ear, nose and throat health. Professor Tagg’s research has shown BLIS K12 to especially protect against infections that cause sore throats, earache, upper respiratory distress.
  • Stops Bad Breath
    Halitosis (bad breath) is often caused by unfriendly bacteria “off-gassing” in the mouth. CulturedCare Probiotic Gum with BLIS K12 stops the growth of these bacteria and recolonizes the mouth and oral cavity with friendly probiotic bacteria.
  • Chewing Gum Form
    Because BLIS K12 is an oral-cavity probiotic, it needs to be delivered in a format that has prolonged contact with the mouth, making a chewing gum the perfect delivery system. Chewing CulturedCare Probiotic Gum with BLIS K12 increases the probiotic bacteria release and activity time in the mouth, as compared to a chewable tablet for example, and provides more opportunity for colonization of the K12 bacteria.
  • Sweetened with Xylitol
    Xylitol is a plant-based natural sweetener that is safe for diabetics and has been shown to prevent tooth decay and gun disease. Hundreds of published studies found xylitol promotes oral health.


Every piece is made with 20 mg of BLIS K12 at production. This potency level is approved by Professor Tagg as the optimal daily intake for infection protection. It  provides a minimum of 500 million colony forming units (cfu) of BLIS K12 at production.
Medicinal Ingredients:
BLIS K12 Steptococcus salivarius probiotic
Non-medicial Ingredients:
Gum base, Xylitol, isomalt, organic flavours, calcium stearate, organic cocoa butter, acacia gum, stevia leaf extract, caranuba wax.
Contains no aritificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives.


1 piece chewed once per day for minimum 5-10 minutes at bedtime after brushing teeth. After one package, your mouth will be populated with the friendly bacteria. Ideally, continue to chew one piece per day. If this is not possible, follow a mimumum maintenance schedule: for 3 or 4 days in a row, chew one piece a day. Repeat every 2 weeks.


  • There are products that interfere with BLIS-K12 in a negative way: primarily antibiotics and antibacterial mouthwashes reduce the healthy flora in our mouths.
  • There are products that interact positively withBLIS-K12: fermented foods such as yogurt are another source of beneficial bacteria.

Additional Information

Stevia extract, xylitol and isomalt are used as the only sweeteners. All three of these naturally sweet substances are derived from plants. Researchers have concluded that they have multiple health benefits including the prevention and reduction of cavities, dental plaque, bone loss, ear infections, and oral candida yeast infections.



















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