Bill Natural Sources KidneyBuild™120 capsules

Bill Natural Sources KidneyBuild™120 capsules

Bill Natural Sources

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  • Effectively increases energy production (qi, or kidney-yang) to improve libido, tonify internal organs and remove coldness in the extremities
  • Strengthens muscles and bones and augments endurance
  • Eases seminal discharge & improves hormonal secretions
  • Relieves syndromes resulting from the insufficiency of kidney-yang
  • Fortifies functions of the spleen and removes dampness from the kidneys
  • Helps to expel dampness reducing urinary complications


Bill Natural Sources® KidneyBuild™ combines natural extracts derived from plants to help the body replenish endocrinal energy and to reinforce the functions of the kidneys. The ingredients in this formulation are blended together to invigorate the kidneys, reinforce qi, and alleviate symptoms such as impotence, seminal emission and weakness of the limbs. Panax ginseng is also added to this formula to help enhance physical performance so sexual experience may be improved. This product is suitable for men and women for prevention of inflammation of the urinary tract, and as a specialized support for healthy kidneys.

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